The JKW-PWI Touring Team arrives in Jakarta after five months of exploring the country

Jakarta (cakrawalaRafflesia) – The Indonesian Journalists Association (JKW-PWI) has officially reported the results of their travel activities to the Secretary General of the Central PWI Mirza Zulhadi at the PWI Central Secretariat, Jalan Kebon Sirih, Central Jakarta, Thursday (31/3). ).

The JKW-PWI team started the journey from the Jakarta Press Council page to coincide with Youth Pledge Day on 28 October 2021 and arrived back in Jakarta on 29 March 2022.

On that occasion a team consisting of 4 riders namely Yanni Krishnayanni, Indrawan Ibonk, Sonny Wibisono and Adji Tunang Pratama accompanied by the Chairman of the JKW-PWI Committee, Dar Edi Yoga, shared their various experiences in exploring around the country for 5 months until finally arriving back in Jakarta.

On this occasion, the Secretary General of the Central PWI Mirza Zulhadi was happy and grateful because during the trip the JKW-PWI team did not experience any significant obstacles.

“Thank God, friends, that we can return safely. We also hope that this touring activity can inspire fellow journalists to be able to make other positive and directed activities,” said Mirza, quoted from an official broadcast on Friday.

Responding to this, Indrawan Ibonk expressed his gratitude for the members of the JKW-PWI team for the opportunity given.

“This is a valuable experience for the four of us who can feel the journey around the archipelago. If we have to do it again, we are ready to gas again,” said Indrawan Ibonk on behalf of the team members.

The JKW-PWI team has a mission to foster the spirit of patriotism and the spirit of nationalism as well as establish friendships with fellow journalists in various regions.

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“In this activity, we also explore various natural tourist areas, culinary tours of the archipelago, as well as various infrastructures in Indonesia. Besides that, we also campaign for orderly traffic and maintain public safety,” explained Ibonk.

Meanwhile, the Chairman of the JKW-PWI Committee said that the JKW-PWI Team still had another task to complete the three provinces that had not been visited due to technical problems.

“The other three provinces are Maluku, Papua and West Papua as well as the three highest mountains in Indonesia, Binaia in Maluku, Cartenz in Papua, and Semeru in East Java,” said Dar Edi Yoga.

Yanni Krishnayanni added that this trip had covered a distance of more than 17,000 kilometers, crossed 15 islands and visited 31 of 34 provinces in Indonesia and climbed the 4 highest mountains in Indonesia.

“The results of observations and experiences around Indonesia will later be written in the form of a book with the title Beautiful Indonesia,” concluded Yanni.

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